Questions you may have

You can find here the answers to some questions we have received so far. Should you have any other question, please don't hesitate to contact us and satisfy your curiosity.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are manufactured in Italy. Our workshop is located in Milan. The tiles arrive from different villages in Italy, mainly in the area around Sassuolo . You can read the story of each set of tiles in our product and collection pages.

Are your products certified?

Our factory is ISO 9001 certified, with the latest certification issued in October 2018. As you can read on the ISO website: “This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, and the process approach and continual improvement”.

Are tiles easy to clean?

Tiles are very easy to clean. In fact, during the production process, they go through a 1400°C cooking step, which makes them almost completely water free. This means that almost nothing can stain them and the process of cleaning them becomes faster than most materials commonly used for tables.

Can I place a hot pan on my table?

Absolutely yes. Your tiles will keep all their design and will not get ruined. However please be careful once you remove the hot pan because the tile will be hot too.

Can I customise my table?

For now, it is not possible to customise your own table, but we are working on that. That being said, if you think you have a brilliant idea, please get in touch and show it to us! We may be able to satisfy your need. We do however offer customisation for 5 or more tables, where you can get an exclusive design from our team. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Do I need to assemble my table?

Our tables are shipped flat, and the assembly normally takes no more than 15 minutes. Although not necessary for the small and medium table, we recommend you to get the help of one more person for the large table if you are alone. You will find assembly instructions inside.

What do you mean by “factory prices”?

At Matrika we do everything from producing your table to delivering it to the logistics carrier. This allows us to cut all the costs in between.

“Factory prices” means that you are not paying for any cost in between the factory and yourself, which is usually half the price compared to a high-street retail shop.

What is your review policy?

We do accept all reviews except the ones containing:

  • Identifiable information
  • Offensive or rude content, potentially harming other users
  • URLs or links to other websites

What is your warranty policy?

All products have a full year warranty. Should you have any problem with your product, please take pictures and/or videos and send them to us. Our experts will then be able to give you more details. We do cover 100% of malfunctioning issues due to manufacturing.

What should I do if my table arrives damaged?

Do not worry in case the table you ordered arrives to you damaged. Just contact us and send us pictures right away.

Do you charge Sales TAX / VAT / IVA?

We do charge Sales Tax / VAT / IVA wherever your country requires us to.

Can I place my order via phone?

Yes and even better, you can place it via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger!

Still have any questions?