Get inspired.

Soft reflections, indestructible surfaces

Unexpected boho touches for the outdoor dining area

An unfinished, classy look that tells a story of craft

Modern accents in a traditional northern Italian farm

Ian: Eclectic and vibrant

We see Ian's cool blues and sandy tones brightening up a loft designed in industrial style, or, our preferred option, a terrace overlooking the sea.

Tiziana's solid nimbleness

Tiziana is the perfect solution for a modern office, or as a signature dining table able to catch attention without being overpowering.

Andrea's captivating symmetry

Andrea's repeated pattern creates pleasant symmetries that go well with a clean, minimalistic design, but can complement a softer style just as well.

Take a closer look.

Ambrogio's organic lines

Ambrogio's organic white lines create a unique, natural feel.

Giorgia's rusty black stone

Get lost in Giorgia's unpredictable rusty flourishes.

This month we love: Cementine Tiles

Cementine tiles went into fashion in the second half of the 19th century, and they are created with a blend of cement and sand. They first appeared in Catalonia (Spain) in the 1850s, and they represented a revolution in flooring in their day because they were much cheaper, more durable and easier to make than the previous handmade glazed ceramic tiles and were therefore more universally available for houses. Most notably, they allowed for profuse decorative patterns, anticipating the optical styles of the 60's and 70's of the 20th century.

We chose from Fioranese's beautiful cementine range to create our Malibu collection.

Federica and Leila are our picks for the month!

Leila: Pleasantly retro

We like Leila's cool hues, softened by its circular and floral patterns. A trip back to the 70s with a contemporary twist.

Federica's faded warmth

We picked Federica because of its vintage kaleidoscopic pattern and the dark blue floral motif warmed by faded okra tones.

Water or fire, we have you covered.

Did you know? Ceramic tiles are waterproof, and heat resistant up to 180° C.

From the Factory: Amaya's last tile

Ah, the feeling of quiet satisfaction that washes over our expert craftsmen when they put that last tile in place... Nothing quite like it!

Tables made for sharing.

For big parties...

...and smaller ones