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Benefits of a tile table

Tiles tables are great for your home and garden. They combine elements of durability, functionality and aesthetics. Artistic value and creativity help viewers to assess the value of any property. A house can be made attractive and enjoyable with the use of vibrant and colourful paints along with beautiful tiles and stones complimenting them. People these days use tiles to enhance the look of their homes. The patterns and colours of tiles not only improve the aesthetic look of the house but also enhance the overall appearance. A tile table top can be a great piece of decorative furniture added to your home. A tile table can be big or small, depending on the purpose of the table. Whatever may...

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Few things you did not know about tiles

Image credit: Mainzu Ceramica Tiles are a versatile and economical home improvement solution. They are durable, affordable, easy to clean, to maintain, and are available in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns. Tiles were initially used for flooring alone but have now spread to walls, kitchen counters, and furniture. But there are certain things that you did not know about tiles.   History The beautiful pieces of stone and clay were initially used around 1500BC, and the remains can still be found in a few places. This means that tiles, if used wisely, can last for centuries. Concrete tiles are sturdy, easy to maintain, and do not fade when exposed to sunlight, making them ideal for walls and outdoor...

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History of cement tiles

Image credit: Ceramica Saint'Agostino The tiles crafted from cement are hand-made and environmentally friendly. Cement tiles are used for decorating homes all over the world for hundreds of years. These tiles crafted from cement and water in an environmentally friendly process brings elegance and sophistication to any room. In earlier years cement tiles usage was restricted to bathrooms and kitchen but over the time are being widely used for the rest of the house to give unique style and warmth. The tiles crafted from cement are hand-made and are environmentally friendly as the process is pollution free, naturally dried and does not require kiln for burning tiles. These tiles are known by different names in different parts of the world...

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