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Design news: The top tile trends for 2019

2019 is the year of experimentation, with textured, patterned and statement tiles featuring prominently in company catalogues. Traditionally used to create practical, easy-to-clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, tiling is now used to cover everything from headboards to tables.

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How to decorate your dining room starting from a table

Where do you start when you design your dining room? A good point is the table. The dining room says a lot about your personality to your guests, therefore needs to be furnished in a way to convey your unique sense of style. This space should be also inviting and only if decorated in the right way with a great design it can be wonderful.

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Affordable ways to make your dining table heat resistant

It is essential to preserve the surface of your dining table to any scratches or marks. Exquisite pieces of furniture are highly expensive and need proper maintenance and protection to prevent possible damages in the long run. The dining table is one of the valuable pieces of furniture at home and cannot be replaced very often. Protecting the table surface is crucial to prevent any scratches or marks that can result in an unpleasant appearance.

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