Top Interior Design Colours for Autumn/Winter 2019


It may be hard to believe but... summer is almost over. While it’s sad to say goodbye to all of that beautiful sunshine and those late summer nights, it does mean that autumn, with its beautiful colours, is upon us. The change in season brings with it the chance to make changes in your home décor as well as indulge in a fresh new colour palette.

Choosing a colour scheme is an especially important part of revamping your current interior as it sets the tone for the season and influences the mood within a room. We took a look into the year’s upcoming colour trends in order to pick the perfect palette for creating a warm and cosy ambiance in your home that is perfect for the autumn/winter season.

This season’s top colour trends

According to the Pantone Color Institute, colour trends for autumn winter 2019/20 are all about offering a versatile colour palette that allows one to be creative and show off one’s personality and individuality with a truly unique combination of bold and complex colours. The colour palette released by Pantone for autumn winter 2019/20 embraces bold reds and pinks, rich golds and yellows, earthy browns as well as sophisticated greens and blues. Warm creams and elegant greys are used as neutral tones in the trending colour palettes for this upcoming season.

These trendy new palettes will enhance the typical earthy colour scheme by adding pops of colour that look great against the neutral colours people tend to associate with the season. We encourage you to be confident and embrace the empowering colours that are making a statement in home interior design for autumn/winter 2019/2020. If you find yourself a bit hesitant to introduce bold colours into your current home décor, try experimenting by slowly introducing just one or two elements, with a more intense colour, at a time into your current interior spaces. While it may seem scary at first, it will definitely elevate the space. It’s all about experimentation to find out which colour scheme you like the most and how it can be best applied or incorporated into your current space. Remember, the colour palette for autumn winter 2019/20 is all about expressing yourself and showing off your personality.


Inspired by the message behind the trendy colour palettes for 2019, Matrika has designed and released a collection for the upcoming seasons that celebrates a natural, earthy colour scheme. We decided to use subtle neutrals like cream, beige, brown and grey in combination with a muted blue tone. With a softer interpretation of the 2019/20 autumn winter colour palette, we have created a beautiful set of tiled tables that will easily fit in with whatever colour scheme you have chosen. The subtle colour scheme chosen for our earth toned tiled tables is timeless and will continue to look great year round in combination with any of the many changing trends. We wanted to create something versatile that will be a treasured piece in your home no matter how your tastes change and develop. The pattern chosen for our earth collections features a nature-inspired geometrical flower formation which is the perfect blend of modern style and traditional design conventions - making it a truly ageless piece.


Moreover, tiled tables work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces as they are weather resistant but also look very high-end. So you can move the table around the inside and outside of your home as you please - changing looks for the season without compromising on your home décor. With this kind of flexibility, you are free to use this tiled table as a statement piece anywhere in your home. In addition to its versatility, the tile tables from Matrika also have a wonderful story. Each table is handmade by skilled artisans in Milan, Italy - a city recognised worldwide as a hub for design and fashion and is the birthplace of trends that spread across the globe.

We hope you have lots of fun with the fresh new colour palette for autumn winter 2019/20. Don’t be afraid to experiment! After thinking about the different colours and the various ways in which they can be combined, you will find the combination that truly embodies your personality and uniqueness.

Find a table to express your style in the collections by Matrika. Built with local, high-quality materials and handcrafted in Milan, each table has its own unique style and personality.