Buyer's Guide: Selecting the perfect dining table

Dining room and kitchen tables are an expression of one’s style and character.

With the decision being so highly personal and with so many choices out there, how do you know which table is right for you? Good news! Whether round, rectangular, oval, adjustable, formal or casual, there is a perfect table for everyone.

There are three important things to bear in mind when choosing the right table for you:

  • What size of table do I need?
  • What style and material do I want the table to be?
  • What functions will I want from the table in order for it to work for me?

From there, it is very easy to evaluate your options and choose a colour scheme. that works in your space. Easy, right?

What size of table do I need?

Before you answer this question, to find the best dining table for you ask yourself another essential question: how big is the space available in my room?

Kitchens, especially ones on the smaller side, will probably have less space available than your typical dining room. They tend to be busy spaces where space-saving techniques are valued, so it is essential to measure out the available space accurately. Remember to calculate this including the space needed for chairs to slide in and out from underneath the table – not just the measurement of the table itself. It may seem obvious, but people sometimes get caught out because they don’t factor this in!

It is important, too, to make sure your table’s size doesn’t overwhelm the room or have people touching elbows while they eat!

Bear in mind that square or rectangular tables make more efficient use of the space and give you more surface room to work with.

What style and material do I want the table to be?

As kitchens tables are more often than not multi-purpose, the ideal table is one that is durable and easy to maintain. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and make a feature of your table.

Check out some ideas below.

  • Modern / Contemporary kitchen styles: Minimalism is here to stay (at least for a while). Think powder-coated iron or steel frames and glass or single-tiled tops. All of these create smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, water-resistant and hard-wearing when it comes to resisting heat. Not to mention looking slick in spaces that make the most of neutral-coloured wall palettes.
  • Industrial kitchen styles: Embrace raw materials and darker colours. Think slate-coloured ceramic tops and stainless-steel legs shaped so that they make a feature out of themselves. Incredibly easy to maintain and durable, these tables also make a stylistic impact and give off an urban vibe.
  • Transitional kitchen styles: Retro is in, so make the most with a black-and-white patterned piece that embodies chicness. Individual patterned tiles will give you a truly unique look without sacrificing hardwearing qualities.

What functions will I want from the table in order for it to work for me?

If you want to use your table for things apart from everyday life, then this is something to have in mind when picking one out. Think about factors such as how many place settings you want or whether your table should be adjustable.

Small dinner parties at the weekend? Sunday roast with the family? Drinks with friends at home? If any of these sound like you, chances are you might need a bigger table to accommodate multiple guests at one time. If you have enough room, a six-seater will work great for you, and is a common size so you will have plenty of choice.

If you are on a tighter budget or looking for something for a smaller space, four-seater tables can really work well in kitchen spaces. Especially if they are adjustable. With a couple of extra seats on standby, you have the ideal dining table and chair set to accommodate guests in smaller spaces, while still maintaining a workable space for your everyday routine.

Selecting the right table for you needn’t be a chore. Just bear in mind the basics and your style, and you’re sure to have fun finding the perfect fit for you.

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