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The Wonders Of Ceramics

From prehistorical settlements to the hi-tech industries of today, ceramics is everywhere Great resistance to water, heat and corrosion, hardness, durability, chemical inertness. How many materials can boast all these properties at the same time, while being all-natural and widely recyclable? Ceramics does, and the ones above mentioned, together with its versatility, are only some of the features that have made it so popular virtually since the beginning of human history. The oldest known artifact in ceramic material - the Venus of Dolní Věstonice, a statuette of a woman from a small prehistoric settlement in the Czech Republic - dates back to the late Palaeolithic period, almost 30 thousand years ago. Then, during the Neolithic and after the invention of...

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Meet Miriam dos Santos, the designer behind Matrika's collections

  Today we would like to introduce you to the designer behind Matrika’s first collections: Miriam Dos Santos. Miriam was born and raised in Galicia, Spain and has had a passion for furniture and interior design since she was a young girl. This passion has grown into a successful career in furniture and fashion design. Now, as a new mother, the baby takes half her time. She admits that it’s not always easy to find the right balance but she deeply loves the work she is doing with Matrika and is happy to be able to do both. An entrepreneur at heart, having launched a number of her own business, she enjoys being involved with the Matrika project and the...

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